KING SIZE - 3 in 1 Bedsheet - fully garterized



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?Canadian cotton?Full garterized bedsheet w/ 2 pillowcase ❤Inclusion✔1pc Full garter bedsheet✔2pcs Zippered pillowcase? High quality? Easy to wash?Comfortable and Popular Design?Not fading?Material: Canadian cotton ⬇️SizesKing   72x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4 inches foamKing   72x75*6 -can fit in *5*6 inches foam ❓Check other products in our shop for other sizesSingle 36x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4...

?Canadian cotton

?Full garterized bedsheet w/ 2 pillowcase 


1pc Full garter bedsheet

2pcs Zippered pillowcase

? High quality

? Easy to wash

?Comfortable and Popular Design

?Not fading

?Material: Canadian cotton 


King   72x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4 inches foam

King   72x75*6 -can fit in *5*6 inches foam 

Check other products in our shop for other sizes

Single 36x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4 inches foam

Single 36x75*6 -can fit in *5*6 inches foam

Double 48x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4 inches foam

Double 48x75*6 -can fit in *5*6 inches foam 

Queen  60x75*4 -can fit in *2*3*4 inches foam

Queen  60x75*6 -can fit in *5*6 inches foam